Monday, February 23, 2009

...he's here!!!

good morning and happy monday!! well, my baby boy, bradley is now 2 weeks old and i feel about 60 years old--needless to say, it's a little draining taking care of a 16 month old and a new born :) and my husband and i are pretty tired, but on friday had some pictures taken of our new addition! though it was quite the experience to get everyone focused and situated according to "plan", mindy from mindy strauss life photography did a wonderful job! not only is she such a good friend, her photography is also so beautiful. so here is a peak of bradley and even a picture of me and my husband, tyler...i think this is the first time i have shown my face... :)


well, enough of that :) here is a creamsicle inspiration board:

lola wedding invitation--studio olivine
vintage table linen--
bridesmaid dress--
hanging candles & orange tie--
project wedding
orange & pink dinks--
martha stewart
beautiful orange bouquet--
chic grass name card holder--
project wedding
sofia crokos events
green topairy ball--
project wedding