Monday, May 18, 2009

sunday brunch

I know a lot of couples have some sort of Sunday get-together with family and friends to celebrate their wedding from the previous night. My husband and I decided to spend that time alone and enjoy moments spent not thinking about our wedding and relax in the blessings of finally being husband and wife :) However, hosting a brunch is a wonderful way to say thank you and to honor those who have been with you throughout both of your lives. I would encourage you to make this an event that you and your husband share in creating. A gift back perhaps.

So when I came across a blog called Sunday Suppers it even inspired me to have my own Sunday brunch. It’s all about two women who bring friends, local fresh ingredients, beautiful tables and delectable menus together to make what looks like time well spent! I have been moved by both the simplicity of their gatherings and attention to detail in food and presentation. And I must say there is nothing more comforting in the morning than some good coffee, a fluffy biscuit and homemade jam butters!! Oh my! Go and check it out, and after all the flair and glamour of your wedding has come and gone, take a special moment to relax and find delight in your family and friends--new and old.

{check it out here for more information for cooking classes and menus}