Friday, July 17, 2009

Gown Friday!

happy friday! it seems like forever since i have done a gown friday--goodness! so ladies, get with it, netting is in! perhaps this is a little more doable for those who are against the tulle? i love this trend, and it's all over Christos spring 2010 collection. elegant and so feminine, these dresses are fabulous!!

so i can't wait for next week's Couture Wedding Week!!! oh my, ladies, i have been waiting so long to showcase these 5 amazing posts about the modern-day couture wedding. we will kick off the week with Cassandra from the fabulous Coco & Kelley, as she gives us a taste of couture bridal party attire!!! and not to mention a chic giveaway from! you won't want to miss this...see you monday!