Monday, August 17, 2009

aspiring couture

good morning and happy monday! the sun is peaking through my windows and i am so thankful that summer weather is back for this week! all those clouds and that rain made me think it was october already...not yet!!

i have been anxiously awaiting to share with you this amazing website and these fabulous new designers. aspiring couture. any bride out there who loves the cutting edge of fashion, who makes it their goal to be the first person to wear an outfit, aspiring couture is just your kind of place. created by Allison O'Grady, this site provides the perfect platform for all up-and-coming couture designers to be seen and for all us to enjoy!!!

some designs are just perfect for maids at a chic wedding (like the party dress above by Jessica Milton!) and some are ideal for a casual rehearsal dinner or even a wedding guest. my personal fav for the fall season coming up is the below by Selah D'or. why not give your maids a chic skirt and top to wear while standing next to you?