Monday, September 28, 2009

free stuff week!

good morning, ladies!!
well let's start this week off right with a couple fabulous giveaways that are floating around the wedding blog world!

first: right here on Weddings Fresh, is sponsoring a fabulous giveaway on Gown Friday! can't wait, so make sure you come by friday!

second: how bout winning some $11,000 in prizes from Broke Ass Bride's giveaway event, "Win a Wedding in a Week"? okay, of course you do. so this is what you need to do: go here.

third: wanna win a Kate Spade designer bag?! yeah, who doesn't! Wishpot is sponsoring this fabulous designer giveaway and has given Weddings Fresh 3 entries! yay! so what you need to do is just leave a relevant comment on this post by Friday night 12 am (oregon time :)) and i will randomly select 3 entries to be entered into the giveaway. of course, if you want to increase your chances head on over to Wishpot and they will let you know what to do next!! fabulous.