Friday, September 11, 2009

gown friday!

{paul joseph hoppper, junko joshioka}

good morning! we are back to 90 degrees today--i guess summer is not going to let us have our boots, rain jackets and pots of stew just yet :)

for Gown Friday i am going to be piecing together some fabulous gowns with wedding style inspiration. their are so many elements to a wedding--all you brides out there no it's all you can do to keep your head on straight while making each detail exactly how you want it. but keep this in mind, what ever you do, there must be some sense of continuity to all your choices. so many ideas to choose from, but if your colors, flowers and party favors don't complement each other there is a good chance you wedding is going to be nothing but a whole bunch of cliche wedding trinkets scattered around a reception.

so here is your goal: 1. choose your wedding site 2. choose your wedding gown. many elements to your wedding will be narrowed down by just those two decisions! this helps you to visualize the feel, the theme (if you have one) and even choose the personality of your wedding--easy! for example, you aren't going to pair a traditional wedding tux & red rose bouquet with a turquoise blue, seaside, fabric draped cabana wedding site & blue asymmetrical gown right? no way! be challenged to create an event that reflects not only you, but also design a wedding that is complete & that blends beautifully. this doesn't take millions of dollars, it just takes good decisions and a good vision!

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