Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rifle Paper Co

i gasped when i came across the work of Rifle Paper Co. this morning! i haven't seen anything quite like it before! oh my! Anna Bond and her husband Nathan head up this Florida based boutique stationary and design studio, and their work often includes hand-painted illustrations and lettering by Anna herself. these uniquely nostalgic and charming designs bring a sense of honor back to the handwritten letter craft. they are planning to launch their custom wedding and event templates later this year and i cannot wait!

below are a couple of their featured recipe cards. in the midst of all the craziness generated by wedding showers and events leading up to your big day, the traditional sharing of recipes can truly be a sweet occasion. i love the symbolic of passing down from the older generation to the younger, in continuing long-standing and new traditions in the kitchen. if you are planning on hiding away a little recipe card your shower invitations, these are a wonderful fit!

{images: Rifle Paper Co & Paper Crave}