Monday, July 4, 2011

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  • sbmallik
    05-25 05:22 PM
    If your MIL is not in the US, you cannot technically extend the visa.

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  • fcres
    06-29 04:00 PM
    I had EAD from Aug 2007 to July 2008 which i never used. Now i would like to get EAD again. Should i file it as renewal or applying for a new one? TIA

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  • indianabacklog
    09-26 04:02 PM
    Does anybody know what the fees are for filing EAD (yearly) extensions if you filed for EAD, 485 before August 17.



    It is listed on the USCIS website beside the link for the I765 form.

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  • VivekAhuja
    09-11 05:20 PM


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  • ata1234
    07-12 01:12 PM
    Is it possible to retain all 485 applications till July-30 and then start rejecting all of them saying not sufficient application fees. Just to defend themselves.

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  • peacocklover
    01-25 03:14 PM
    I changed my job recently, I'm starting up with new GC application with my new employer as I had passed only 140 stage with my previous GC application of employer and I couldn't get a chance to file my 485. I have 12 plus years of total IT experience. My question is related to the section in the PERM application for my major field of study. I have a Bachelor's degree in civil engineering from good university in India , finished in 1996. My academics and work experience were assessed with US equivalent study and it's evaluated as Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems by qualified and expertized education evaluator. My current company lawyer told me that he would mention it as Computer Information Systems in my PERM application. Is it correct to mention in my perm application for my major field of study as Computer Information Systems?

    I will greatly appreciate your valuable suggestions.



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  • apahilaj
    09-19 09:37 PM
    Hello Guys,

    I have a quick question about my I-140 petition. Initially I had applied for my I 140 which USCIS was about to deny claiming that they did not receive the RFE response. During that time, I had applied for a new I 140 application assuming that they would deny my old application. In the meanwhile, USCIS sent me a letter asking me to send the RFE documents again for my original application, which I did again and they approved my old application. I did not inform USCIS about closing the new application and as per my lawyer, I did not need to do that.

    Now after almost a year, I got an update from USCIS on the second I 140 application for RFE. My question is should I inform USCIS that they do not need to worry about this application since my original application is already approved or should I just ignore this RFE?

    Any advice you guys have would be greatly appreciated.


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  • visapower
    11-12 01:05 AM

    My employer had given me an approved labour and filed for my I140 in May for which I have received the receipt notice. I subscribed myself for email alerts in USCIS website with my I140 receipt notice number. Few days before I received an email from USCIS that a request for withdrawal of my I140 was accepted and I will have to file a new application if I want to apply again. I questioned my employer regarding the same but they said they didnt withdraw my I140 application and that it must be a screw up from USCIS side.

    Question 1: Is it possible that it can be a mistake from USCIS side?

    I have been approached by a different employer who is ready to file my GC.

    Question 2: If my existing employer has really not withdrawn my I140 application, can there be problems for me if I change my employer and my new employer files my GC..(since there can be two I140s from two different employers) ?

    Thanks in advance..


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  • FredG
    April 7th, 2004, 06:33 PM
    Looks like a tough little guy to capture. The way things are lined up, I think you could successfully clone out the branches in front of him. I'd leave the others. Any more sharpening would over-sharpen thetail. Although you could copy the layer, apply more sharpening to the layer, then mask out everything except the parts of the head you'd like to change.

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  • newtoearth
    03-11 07:41 AM
    Dear fellow IVians/ Lawers.....

    Please help me

    I am on my H1B 6th Year Ending and my H1B valid till 2012 Sep 30 with my Current employer company A Which is a desi consultancy company.

    I have a approved I140 with company A. With PD of March 2008. I 140approved in OCT2008
    Cargability - India
    I485 - Not yet filed:o
    on March 1st company A announced that they will be merging with company B.

    Company B Sent us an E-mail saying that they are acquiring resource group of company A.


    When we questioned our old employer company A, they told us that yes company A will remain in existence but all human resources will move to company B :mad: All other assets and liabilities will stay with company A.

    I am in lots of confusion...and questions...heap of troubles it seems...
    Please tell me

    1. This Situation can be called/categorized as Aquisition/Merger?
    2. Will my I140 quilified for Successor of Interest if company B is ready to take over and sponcer GC for me?
    3. Or do I need to go thru the whole process of ADS, PERM, I140 path to come to current state?
    4. What happens if my PDate (Old, and assuming that in either case I can port my PD??) is current before company B's I 140 got approved? Can I file I 485 based on my company A I140 As company A still exists???
    Are there any complications involved in this?

    5. I am assuming that I am qualified to entitile 3 Year H1B visa with company B based on my company A approved I 140. am I correct?

    6. What happens if company A is going for bankruptcy before my H1B transfer?

    7. What happens if company A is going for bankruptcy before my I140 approved with company B and port I140 PD?

    8. also I heard that Company A may required to pay some amount to the employees(20K ??)? Any idea on this?

    Kindly help me!!!

    Thanks in advance....


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  • neeidd
    07-14 01:06 PM
    Hi Gurus,

    I need some advice from you guys

    My initial receipt date for I-485 from Vermont service center was July 7th 2007. But when I-485 was transferred to Texas service center, receipt date on I-485 is showing as September 11th 2007. Can we do anything to correct the wrong receipt dates as this might have significant impact on my processing times. Please advice


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  • kirupa
    10-13 12:24 PM
    If you want to develop for WM5, 6, and 6.1, you can still use Visual Studio to create a .NET Compact Framework-based application. You will get the ability to visually drag and drop controls, write some code-behind file, and other things.

    Though, it won't be quite as feature-rich as Blend, nor will you will you have the ability to easily skin/style your content :nerd:



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  • needgreen
    09-06 09:43 AM
    it is fine to have both I-485s filed and pending - generally speaking, if one gets approved, USCIS should deny the other (as a LPR you will no longer be eligible to adjust your status to lpr).

    Thank you very much for your reply. Just wanted to know what is "LPR"?

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  • nc14
    08-13 02:57 PM
    I am from Cincinnati Ohio and would like to be a part of the effort.


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  • SlowRoasted
    05-22 10:11 PM
    cool i really like them all

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  • lifesucksinUS
    07-22 09:05 AM
    Yes.I too agree with u.


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  • martinvisalaw
    08-31 07:24 PM
    I came US on h4 visa .One employer had filed for my h1b last year,and they said i got the approval.but the employer had no job for me as part of recession.So I am still on h4 .Will I loose my H1 approval.How long is the validity of h1b approval ?:confused:

    You need to be careful here. If the H-1B was approved as a change of status (COS) last year, you may have automatically changed to H-1B status on the start date. If you did not work for the employer, you then violated H-1B status.

    If the H-1B was not approved as a COS, you have stayed in H-4 status. The H-1B approval could be used to get a H-1B visa, however you would need a letter from the H-1B employer confirming that there was still a job for you. The consulate would probably need this since it has been a year since the H-1B was approved. Otherwise, the H-1B is valid until the expiration date, unless the employer revokes it with CIS.

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  • h1techSlave
    04-07 03:16 PM
    Anybody from MD interested in meeting representatives?

    I have been part of the recent advocacy efforts in DC and feel that we need to continue the momentum. If any one is interested in meeting Congressmen/women and Senators, please reply in this thread.

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  • k_confused
    08-16 07:08 PM
    Her passport :( Issues with the passport :(

    12-08 11:26 PM
    Getting name change while you are on Indian passport is a lot cheaper and easier than getting it done on US passport.

    You get the name changed in Indian passport. Then you need to get a new I797. USCIS notifies SSA, who will issue you a new SSN card (you cannot get ssn changed directly).

    I am not sure how much of this is an issue with GC process.

    03-15 04:27 PM
    i do not see a picture.


    in other news I'm thinking of doing another entry.